Location - Aneroussa Beach Hotel on Andos Island, Batsi
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Batsi: An ideal location

Offering a panoramic view of the sea

Aneroussa hotel in Andros stands out for its beautiful natural surroundings and its romantic, serene environment. Its unique architecture combines the elegance of the neoclassical mansions of Andros with the simplicity of the Cycladic architecture. The result is an architectural jewel nestled in the verdant nature of Andros, your very own private paradise! Its perfect location, breathtaking panoramic view of the deep blue sea, the beautiful beach and top quality services and amenities make Aneroussa hotel in Andros an ideal holiday getaway for even the most demanding travelers.

The romantic atmosphere and aesthetic quality of our hotel will make your stay unforgettable. Apart from the comfort and privacy of our rooms in Andros, you will get the chance to enjoy a rich and stylishly decorated breakfast buffet with locally produced top-quality products. After breakfast, you can laze on a sunbed by the beach enjoying light snacks and cold beverages from the beach bar, which is situated literally on the sea! We welcome you to our hotel in Andros and we wish you unforgettable and relaxing summer holidays!